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SIA 31th Convention / Founders Celebration Weekend

New Orleans, LA - September 24 - September 26 2021

National Convention Slideshow

President's Welcome

Dear Hermanas:

It is with great honor that I write this letter to invite you all to our 29th Convention and my first as your National President!🎉 #EeeeIiiAaaa!!!

It is events like this that allow us to come together nationwide and not only meet new Hermanas but also allow us to reminisce.  I love hearing and learning everyone's stories: from the times we were all interests, then the hilarious stories we all have as candidates and finally as Hermanas.

This year's convention theme was inspired by these journeys and focuses on the journey still left to get to the TOP .

Much like our stories this journey won't be a 'piece of cake' the path will not be smooth, but if we keep our eyes on the mission, which lies at the peak of that mountain we will be able to enjoy a view that will invigorate the senses and fill us with pride; much like the feeling we all experienced when we received our letters as official Hermanas. 

This year is all about us: the Hermanas.  Not only doing the necessary work by showing up in vulnerability & respect but also being willing to have tough conversations.  In doing so we will allow each other to create & grow together  in a safe space. 

Our journey will start by first taking care of business (logistics, data reports etc.) followed by some much needed healing through honesty, and will end with Hermana relationship development/bonding. 

Your 2019 Convention Committee has been working hard REVAMPING our programming to provide you ladies with the best intentional experience available. 

We welcome you to join us Friday for our pool party, some community service and lastly a FREE Happy Hour at the River Walk - a small gift from your 2019 NEB. 

They have even included Hermana FREE time which you can use at your discretion to be a tourist & explorers, then put on your professional hats during our much needed logistics meeting, followed with some de-stressing stroll clinics and finally enjoy getting to know new and old regions as well as Hermanas.

I am looking forward to seeing/meeting you all in San Antonio, TX! 

With Love and In Hermandad,

Arianna P. Almanzar-Taveras
Hermana Alondra
National President