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SIA 29th Convention / Founders Celebration Weekend



National Convention Slideshow

Hermana's Testimonies

What is your favorite National Meeting/Founders memory?

"I've only been to one Founders and that was in Boston, but my favorite part was waiting in the lobby and watching all the sisters come in. Oh, and when Alma brought me all the Mexican candy!!"
Erica Moreno, H. Impetratus

"My favorite memory would be my first Founders at Rho chapter in 2002. Aside from me being a neo, the mother of two SIAs, Lisa-H. Ilimitada and Vicky-H. La Torera, spoke at our banquet about the love she has for SIA as she was able to witness the positive effects of joining our sisterhood. You could feel the love in the room and the pride she has for not one, but TWO of her daughters. It solidified the decision I made to become a SIA even further."
Jessica Lynn Rivera, H. Invencible

"There are so many to chose from but I would have to say probably the 20th Founders Banquet in Albany because it was so great seeing 5 Founding Mothers together in one place. I had already met two before and was able to meet 3 more."
Alma Sanchez, H. Inimitable

"Favorite memory would definitely have to be the road trip from New York to Boston! Being from California I wasn't used to that type of weather!"
Pauline Danielle Velazquez, H. Libelulle

"Favorite memory would have to be the warmth and love you automatically feel when you see an Hermana that you have never met before but already love and embrace at first sight! Now that's sisterhood felt across the nation!"
Irene Acosta, H. Tinta

"Being reunited with sisters who we haven't seen in a while & meting new ones. Realizing the rooming plans went from 3-4 sisters to 10-12 sisters, resulting in great stories, bonding, laughs, and memories!"
Rosa Chairez, H. Yaretzi

"I have to say my very first Founders in Fall 2002. As one of the Cali founders I was overwhelmed with joy as sisters received us with open arms. I went from 2 linesisters to having hundreds of new sisters. They were all strangers yet it felt like they were my sisters since birth."
Jayne Roman-Perez, H. Melao

What are you looking forward to the most at this year's Founders Weekend in Washington, D.C. ?

"I look forward to attending the banquet and being in the room filled with sisters. It's a great moment of acknowledgement to sisters and chapters. The SIA fuego is felt throughout the room!"
Stephanie De La Cruz, H. Qendrese

"This is going to be my first Founders and I am really excited to see all the FUEGO from different regions...ALL IN ONE ROOM!"
Alex Mercedez, H. Cala

"What I look forward to the most is the enjoyment of spending time with my LS' from all over. Spring 2014! Not only linesisters but also having the ability to meet sisters from everywhere who make this organization the best to its ability."
Priscilla Cardenas, H. Protegedora

"Reconnecting with sisters. The busy days of our lives can often remove us from the core basis of this Sisterhood. While conducting business is pertinent to our continuance, the love we have for one another is the main reason we should look forward to celebrating another year of Solidaridad, Inspiracion, y Amistad."
Jessica Lynn Rivera, H. Invencible

"I am looking forward to reuniting with my LS' across the nation!!! I see you Fall 2010!!"
Irene Acosta, H. Tinta

"I am excited to meet new sisters and to see all the SIA stuff that will be sold."
Evelyn Aguilar, H. Voluntad